Le 20 - NOV - 2035

(subvention de la SFC) Paris du 19 au 21 octobre 2016

Preliminary program:


19/10 (2-6 pm) :   Telomeres and telomerase in health


Opening lecture Helen Blau (title to be announced)   Stig Bojesen: Telomere length and health: correlation and causation
Talks from proffered abstracts


20/10 (9am-6pm):


Telomere protection and maintenance   Keynote lecture Titia de Lange : How shelterin solves the end-protection problem


Joachim Lingner: Telomere troubles during chromatin damage and oxidative stress David Shore: Action of Rif1 in telomere protection and global control of DNA replication timing
Talks from proffered abstracts.
Poster session.


21/10 (9am-6pm):


Telomeres, aging and cancer 


Keynote lecture Eric Gilson : Extracurricular activities of TRF2
Lenhard K Rudolph: Immune response in telomere dysfunction induced aging Miguel Ferreira: The role of telomere shortening in cancer and aging in zebrafish.
Talks from proffered abstracts.
Closing lecture Roger R. Reddel: ALT in cancer: from mechanisms to potential treatment options