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As an affiliated National Society of the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR), all members of Société Française du Cancer (SFC) will receive free and full membership of the EACR. Membership benefits include regular information about meetings, job and study opportunities, access to travel fellowships* and meeting bursaries, reduced registration rates to meetings and reduced subscription to the Association’s journal European Journal of Cancer (EJC) and other publications. Visit http://www.eacr.org for further information about the EACR and its activities.

*EACR Travel Fellowship Awards
As the Société Française du Cancer (SFC) is affiliated to the European Association for Cancer Research, you are eligible to apply for EACR Fellowships and Awards. Once you have been a member of SFC for 12 months, you can apply for an EACR Travel Fellowship at any time and hear the result within 10 working days.

The Travel Fellowship Scheme offers researchers with less than four years postdoctoral experience (including PhD students) the opportunity to advance their research by visiting a centre of excellence in another country.

For full details and eligibility criteria please visit the EACR website http://eacr.org/fellowships/travel.php